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August 29, 2014 9:45 pm


Old commissioned works.

Thank you very much for your kindness!

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So much has happened. And I’m sure it’s only the beginning. Through the smiles and tears, through the anger… and the laughter that follows… I know that I’ll keep changing.

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Have a great weekend, Tumblr. 

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being genderfluid like boom pow part 1 | part 2


being genderfluid like boom pow part 1 | part 2

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New Nintendo 3DS and XL ⊟

Just when you thought this week couldn’t get any wilder, Nintendo goes and reveals a new 3DS and XL model for Japan.

The new line also has a new stick-ish button on the right side that replaces the need for a Circle Pad Pro, a more powerful CPU, a wider stereoscopic 3D sweet spot, colored ABXY buttons, two additional shoulder buttons, NFC support (for Amiibos!), extended battery life (up to 7 hours) and a replaceable battery, and HTML5 support for the built-in browser. It also now uses Micro SDs instead of SD cards. Check out the removable back!

The standard system features a 3.88-inch top screen (compared to the 3.53-inch top screen in the original 3DS), while the new XL screen is the same as the old one at 4.88 inches. Both release in Japan on October 10 for ¥16000 ($154) and ¥18800 ($181), alongside a new set of charging docks.

Images via Inside Games and Volotaire!

BUY Nintendo 2DS & 3DS/XL, upcoming games

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August 28, 2014 11:11 pm

So I was explaining my gender-fluidity to my grandmother

  • Me: So sometimes I'm a boy, but sometimes I'm a girl.
  • Grandma: I have enough idiot granddaughters already
  • Me:
  • Grandma:
  • Me:
  • Grandma: But I also have enough idiot grandsons, so having an idiot who isn't really either one is kind of refreshing.
  • *then later*
  • My mom: Alex, can you come pick up these LEGOs?
  • Me: Yeah... *doesn't move at all*
  • Grandma: Katie, go pick up the LEGOs
  • Me: Yeah, alright *goes to pick up LEGOs*
  • Grandma: See, you addressed the boy, but I addressed the girl. Boys are lazy, girls get crap done.
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A few weeks ago I asked if any of you would be willing to send me postcards for me to decorate my new apartment with. And a bunch of you commented saying you’d love to.

Welp, I finally have a PO Box for you all to send them to:

Carolina Zelaya
PO Box 1012
Tallahassee, FL 32302

I have a strong preference towards landscape shots, city shots, or maps. But get creative. I’ll also do a vlog showing off my favorite ones. 

Thanks again everyone! 

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The trailer shows off the brand new features in the game, including new enemies and bosses like Roxas and the Monster of the Sea, “Monstro” never-before-seen cutscenes like “How it All Began” that offer deeper storylines, new playable episodes like the “Realm of Darkness” and new challenges including “Mushroom XIII” and “Unversed Challenges.” The trailer also gives a sneak peek to the 40+ new items that players can acquire throughout the game.


August 27, 2014 10:48 pm




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"And not only that, but it looks like this brave young man will escort us, so get ready to go, honey.  Pronto!" 

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How to get a boyfriend

a free cup of hot coffee to splash it on their face xDI like that idea



How to get a boyfriend

a free cup of hot coffee to splash it on their face xD
I like that idea

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